On October 8, 2011, Xinhai Revolution Museum of Wuhan held…
On September 7, 2011, director Jinping and related leaders of Nyingchi…
On August 20, 2011, related planning and directing staff entered…
On the afternoon of April 29, 2011, the assistant of the Minister of Culture…
Located in the base of Shanghai Film Group City, Bo Yue Art Project specializes in undertaking the display of museum and theme pavilion as well as the design and construction of theme park, tourist art landscape, large-scale cultural activity, scene recovery and multi-media display. Whether it’s indoor exhibition and scene construction or its multi-media technology, our company can provide all-round and one-stop solutions and implementation.
In addition, engaged in the design of art project, our company boasts a professional team who ensure that our design and construction of tourist attractions and cultural blocks (overall brand planning, landscape design and distinctive cultural activities), public art landscape, commercial or public exhibition and theme park is unique and outstanding.
Today, cooperating with people’s attention on cultural industry and their demanding on diversification of cultural products, Bo Yue Art Project presents audience with a more perfect cultural experience and enjoyment by grasping cultural connotation vividly and precisely. We provide customers with most comprehensive and valuable service. Attention on details in service and focus on perfection in details are our goal.
We take credit for our professional team, dedicated spirit and good service. Our works and service impressive and receive much praise.
With the development of digital technology, video and multimedia technology comes into viewers’ vision. We integrate the cutting-edge technology from simple
media player to large immersive cinema...More >>
With the rapid development of society, people pay more attention to spiritual culture. Ordinary theme parks and
cultural attractions can not fully meet their diverse cult-
ural entertainment and leisure demand... More >>

Shanghai Film Group Corporation (SFG) is one the largest and most comprehensive film groups in country. SFG built Shanghai Film Park (Shanghai shooting base) and owns 5 large film production enterprises, 14 TV Series Productions, and a large shooting base.... more>>

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