【IN 1999
 Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall  (construct type---set, model)
 Anhui Hall of Fame (construct type---set, audio, light and electric)
 Jiangsu Mao Shan New Fourth Army Memorial Hall (construct type---set, audio, light and electric)

【IN 2000
 Exhibition Hall of Shanghai  (construct type---set, audio, light and electric)
 Shanghai Museum of Public Security (construct type---firearms reproduction)

【IN 2001】
 Qingdao Fire Museum (construct type---multimedia set)
 Shanghai Tobacco museum (construct type--- phantom imaging)

【IN 2002
 Shanghai Minhang Museum (construct type--- phantom imaging)
  Jiangsu Zhenjiang Martyrs Cemetery (construct type--- phantom imaging)
 Shanghai Songhu Battle Memorial Hall  (construct type--- set, phantom imaging)
 Huangzhou Zhang Taiyan Memorial Hall  (construct type---set, phantom imaging)
 Shanghai Jiading Martyrs Cemetery (construct type--- set, phantom imaging)

【IN 2003
 National Security Education in Shanghai (construct type--- set)
 Hangzhou Qian King Temple Scenic Area (construct type--- set)
 Shanghai Tao Xingzhi Memorial Hall  (construct type--- set, phantom imaging)
 Shanghai Wielder Data Museum (construct type--- set, phantom imaging)
 Tobacco Museum of China (construct type--- phantom imaging)

【IN 2004
 Ancient Site of Communist Party League Central (construct type--- phantom imaging)
 Shanghai Tunnel Popularization Science (construct type--- phantom imaging)
 China Financial Museum (construct type--- set)
 Meteorology Museum of Shanghai Baoshan (construct type--- multimedia set)
 Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall of Shanghai  (construct type--- set)
 Huai Hai Campaign Memorial Hall (construct type--- set)

【IN 2005
 Shanghai 8.13 Memorial Hall (construct type--- set)
 Science and Research Museum of China  (construct type--- set, phantom imaging)
 Fujian-Tanwan Museum of China (construct type--- design, set, phantom imaging, arts, multimedia)
 Shanghai Wind Power Popularization Science (construct type--- set)
 Shanghai Postal Museum (construct type--- set, phantom imaging)
 Tunnel Exhibition Hall of China railway (construct type--- phantom imaging)

【IN 2006
 Shanghai Science and Technology Museum of Children (construct type---Interactive multimedia)
 Suzhou Industrial Park Exhibition Hall (construct type--- set, phantom imaging)
 Shanghai Telecommunications Museum  (construct type--- multimedia electronic map)
 Shanghai Dragon Boat Museum (construct type--- set, phantom imaging)
 Nanjing Dr Sun Yatsen Museum (construct type---interactive multimedia)
 Electric Power Popularization Science of Shanghai  (construct type--- set, phantom imaging, interactive multimedia)

【IN 2007
 Flower Exhibition Hall of Shanghai (construct type---interactive multimedia)
 Bamboo Carving Museum of Shanghai Jiading (construct type---interactive multimedia)
 Five Ancient Sites of Communist Party (construct type---interactive multimedia)
 Salt City Planning Museum of Jiangsu (construct type---sand table model, interactive multimedia)
 20th anniversary of founding Che County, Jiangyin (construct type---design, set, interactive multimedia)
 Revolution Memorial Hall of Hubei-Henan-Anhui Soviet Area (construct type---set, phantom imaging, interactive multimedia)
 Crab Hall of Kunshan, Jiangsu  (constructs type---design, set, arts, and multimedia)
 Oversea Chinese Museum of Jinjiang, Fujian (construct type--- design, set, arts, phantom imaging)

【IN 2008
 Qingdao Museum  (construct type---set, arts, multimedia)
 Shandong Memorial Hall of Taierzhuang Battle (construct type---set, multimedia)
 Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall  (construct type---set, multimedia)
 Sichuan Sansingdui Site Museum (construct type---set)
 Lianyungang City Museum  (construct type---set)
 Ancient Site of Red Army in Dawu County, Hubei (construct type---set, phantom imaging, interactive multimedia)
 Wuxi City Museum(the third section and the fifth section)  (construct type---set)
 Mei Lanfang Memorial Hall  (constructs type---design, set, arts, and multimedia)
 Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum Museum of Naning (construct type---set, multimedia)
 Water Resources Museum of Nanjing (construct type---set)
 Textile Museum of Donghua University (construct type---set, multimedia)
 Huangshi Museum of Hubei  (construct type---set, multimedia)
 Fuzhou Museum of Jiangxi (construct type---set, multimedia)
 Bao Steel Exhibition Hall of Shanghai (construct type--- multimedia)
 Sea Salt Museum of Chinasecond floor  (construct type---set, arts, multimedia)
 Martyrs Memorial Hall of Baoshan (construct type---set)
 Memorial Hall Xiamen Special Economic Zone (constructs type---design, set, arts, and multimedia)

【IN 2009
 Hsu Hsiak's Memorial Hall (construct type---set, multimedia)
 Memorial Hall of the birthplace of PLA navy (constructs type---design, set, arts, and multimedia)
 Cross Campaign Memorial Hall (construct type---set, arts, multimedia)
 Anti-Japanese War Aviation Hall  (constructs type---design, set, arts, and multimedia)
 Crawfish Hall of Xuyi, Jiangsu  (construct type---set, arts, multimedia)
 Yunnan Army Academy  (construct type--- multimedia)
 Chinese Traditional Musical Instruments Museum (construct type---set, multimedia)
 Red Eight Army Memorial Hall of Longzhou (construct type---set, multimedia)
 Planning Museum of Xiamen  (construct type--- phantom imaging)
 Rao Shoukun Memorial Hall (construct type---set, multimedia)
 Revolution Memorial Hall of Taihe, Jiangxi (construct type---set, multimedia)
 Hemudu Site Museum (construct type---set, arts)

【IN 2010
 Shandong Museum {Confucius culture display, figure stone of Han Dynasty, Buddhism statues display} (construct type--- set, arts)
 Canal Cultural and Art Museum of Wuxi, Jiangsu construct type---set, arts)
 Township Enterprises Museum of China (construct type---set, arts)
 Jiangsu Local Chronicles Museum (construct type---set, arts)
 Shanghai Clan Association History Museum (construct type---multimedia, set, arts)
 Chinese Weapon Exhibition Hall {weapons of successive dynasty} (construct type---multimedia, set, arts)
 Chen Huaikai Memorial Hall (constructs type---design, set, arts, and multimedia)
 Jiangsu Taicang Museum (construct type---set, arts)
 Anhui Bozhou Museum  (construct type---multimedia, set, arts)
 Suzhou Xujiang Project One Base {the spring and autumn cultural scenic spot of Suzhou, Xujiangimage of Suzhou, Xujiang(construct type---planning, design)
 Zhongshan Warship Museum (construct type---multimedia, set, arts)
 Long March Memorial Hall of Kedu, Yunnna (construct type---multimedia, set, arts)
 Double Phoenix Town Dragon Dance Exhibition Hall of Taicang, Jiangsu  (constructs type---design, set, arts, and multimedia)
 Global Youth Innovation Tour of Shanghai EXPO (constructs type---design, set, arts, and multimedia)
 Dongtai Culture Museum in Jiangsu (constructs type--- set, phantom imaging, arts, and multimedia)
 Jiangxi, Jian Martyrs Memorial Hall (constructs type---set, multimedia)
 Chinese Musical Instruments Museum (constructs type---set, multimedia)

【IN 2011
 Chinese Duck Culture Museum (constructs type---set, arts)
 Qinghai nature Museum (constructs type---set, phantom imaging)
 Sichuan, Qingchuan Earthquake Museum (constructs type---set experience hall, multimedia)
 Inner Mongolia Military History Museum  (constructs type---set, arts)
 Xihai Revolution Memorial Hall   (constructs type---set, multimedia, arts)
 Shanghai, Jiading Museum  (constructs type---set, arts, phantom imaging)
 University of International Business and Economics History Museum (construct type---arts, set, and multimedia)
 Tianjin Museum (constructs type---design, set, arts, and multimedia)
 Luxu Memorial Hall (construct type---multimedia)

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